Monday, March 7, 2016

Volunteer Opportunities with Greater Miami Jewish Federation

A juris doctor graduate of the University of Florida, Brian Greenspoon has been practicing law since 2003. In addition, Brian Greenspoon, an active member of his community, belongs to the Greater Miami Jewish Federation (GMJF).

Dedicated to helping the Jewish community of Miami-Dade County since 1938, the Greater Miami Jewish Federation also helps communities in more 70 countries through its partnerships. Today, the GMJF provides assistance to nearly one-eighth of Miami’s Jewish population, including senior care, Jewish education, and immigrant settlement and acclimation.

With two dozen specialized divisions, the organization also sponsors advocacy and leadership development programs and is supported by volunteers. From donations and community service hours to holiday projects and comforting those in need, the organization recognizes these volunteers who make a significant impact on the community each year. Additionally, the GMJF has a number of opportunities specifically for the area’s youth and teens, including the Summer of Service or the Young Lion of Judah program.